Allelica, personal genomic health

Type of work: Identity, Digital
Type of project: Health

Allelica is a start-up based in Rome that develops algorithms and DNA tests to identify disease predisposition.

Genomics and polygenic risk score meet personal nutrition for the first time.” Giordano BottĆ , CEO Allelica

Allelica logo and corporate colors

I was chosen to head up the rebranding of the company to launch the product on the market. It was my first time with such a delicate market, on one side science and health and on the other the sale to the consumers. The rebranding I created tries to simplify, but without diminishing, the complexity of what is behind a DNA test, communicating in a modern and trustful way the knowledge of the founders. I have built the new image, the manifesto of rules and principles together with the packaging, the digital image, and the promotional materials.

Allelica sign and colors
Allelica packaging
Allelica pack, nutrition and combined test
Allelica DNA illustration combined with nutrition elements
Allelica ecommerce homepage
Allelica exhibition stand for a fair
Allelica animation gift with their mark