Arthewall, curated art collection for your walls

Type of work: Strategy, Identity, Digital
Type of project: Arte & Culture

Arthewall was a marketplace that provided art advice to interior designers, architects, and whoever needs to decorate a wall with art. It was a place of research and promotion of international emerging artists brimming with talent and creativity. It was the evolution of Glossom, a platform that enabled creatives to showcase their works, privately funded.

Single artworks and themed collections designed for different kinds of spaces. Personalized service to develop the interior decoration project that best meets the clients’ requirements.

Your spaces are a mirror of you. How would you introduce yourself to people? Naked or with your best dress? Dress up your walls like you would dress up yourself, using care and personality.” Fausto Brindani, CEO Arthewall

Arthewall e-commerce website

The vision of the company was to create inspiring and original ambiances, building a tight relationship with architects and interior designers, in order to bring art in all the spaces and help everyone to add style and character to their walls. We handled the entire process of the purchase experience from the theme proposal and the art prints selection to acquisition and shipping service, in order to guarantee high quality and support. 

The offer included the single buy of artworks, ready-made sets of art for offices, co-working spaces, home offices, meeting rooms, hotel, restaurants, cocktails, and coffee bar, bedrooms and kids’ room, and custom art collections where a team of curators helped find the best art that suits space requirements, budget, and personal taste.

I was responsible for the new product strategy that turned the company from a social network (Glossom) to an e-commerce site, with a strong focus on the promotion of emerging artists. Working closely with the team, I created the product trying to match the business strategy and enter the competition with an innovative offer that wants to suggest sets of art and a customized service to everyone who has to decor a wall with one or more artworks, such as hotels, restaurants or private houses.

Arthewall corporate logo variations

We launched the website with more than 70 emerging artists, illustrators, and photographers, with a catalog of more than 2000 artworks, partly coming from the Glossom community, owned by the same founders. I managed the discovery, the selection, and the hire of the artists on the platform alongside the other curators and I helped to sign in the contracts and to choose the best art to publish on the web.

The marketplace online allowed to buy single artworks or sets of art with new updates of fresh art every week to inspire people with new ideas and themes. The artists had their own platform to upload new pieces and to see the ongoing sales.

Arthewall online art shop
Arthewall artists backend
Arthewall social campaign, every wall will be famous

The naming, the corporate identity, and the brand image reflected the modularity and the simplicity behind the concept, strategically chosen also to stand out on comparison sites. This identity’s disarming simplicity allowed Arthewall to show the beauty of the art proposed.

Arthewall business card and corporate colors
Arthewall postcard promotion
Arthewall certificate of authenticity
Arthewall poster to present the company
Arthewall packaging tube for poster
Arthewall thank you card after shopping online

Together with the printing partner, we created the best offer for the product to sell, choosing professional papers and finishing, using the latest digital printing technology. We proposed four different finishing options, with products ready to be hung on the wall. Other finishes were available for the custom collections. We organized exhibitions in Milan, we launched special editions with selected artists and we opened a corner shop inside Photo Factory shop in the historic center of Genoa.

Arthewall exibition at Photo Factory in Genoa
Francesco Vullo special edition on Arthewall