Arthewall, curated art collection for your walls

Type of work: Strategy, Identity, Digital
Type of project: Arte & Culture

Arthewall was a marketplace that provided art advice to interior designers, architects, and whoever needed to decorate a wall with art. It was a place of research and promotion of international emerging artists brimming with talent and creativity. It was the evolution of Glossom, a platform that enabled creatives to showcase their works, privately funded.

Single artworks and themed collections designed for different kinds of spaces. Personalized service to develop the interior decoration project that best meets the client’s requirements.

Your spaces are a mirror of you. How would you introduce yourself to people? Naked or with your best dress? Dress up your walls like you would dress up yourself, using care and personality.” Fausto Brindani, CEO Arthewall

Arthewall e-commerce website

Arthewall sought to bridge the gap between art and interior design, revolutionizing the way spaces were adorned with artistic flair. The mission was clear: to bring inspiring, original art into all spaces, while nurturing collaborative relationships with architects and interior designers.

My journey with Arthewall began with an exploration of the intersection between art, design, and commerce. We envisioned a platform that curated not just individual artworks but also themed collections tailored to diverse spaces. Personalized service was at the heart of our approach, aligning interior decoration projects with clients’ unique visions.

With a deep understanding of our clientele’s needs, I orchestrated a strategic shift, transforming Arthewall from a social network (Glossom) into a dynamic e-commerce site. The focus was on promoting emerging artists, and my role was to harmonize this vision with the evolving business strategy.

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As a creative lead at Arthewall, I played a pivotal role in driving the company’s success. I steered the creative strategy and oversaw the development of all creative assets and campaigns, ensuring a cohesive brand presence across various channels. Staying abreast of emerging trends in the art industry and digital technology, I seamlessly integrated novel ideas and concepts into our overarching strategy. Crucially, my responsibilities included overseeing production timelines, managing vendor relationships, hiring new team members, and implementing rigorous quality and cost controls.

I fostered cross-functional communication to grasp creative requirements comprehensively, collaborating closely with marketing, illustrators, photographers, and development teams. This collaborative effort aimed to produce compelling collateral for the market. Upholding a stringent standard of design output, I meticulously reviewed work and authored detailed alt text to align with accessibility guidelines. Crafting the optimal visual solutions for each brief, I worked collaboratively with non-design team members to deliver the best possible outcomes. In addition, I crafted corporate documents and propositions for investor meetings and events, contributing significantly to our triumph in the fiercely competitive startup landscape.

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Our redesigned platform boasted a curated catalog of over 2,000 artworks from more than 70 emerging artists, illustrators, and photographers. The journey from discovery to selection and onboarding of artists was a collaborative effort, ensuring that our platform showcased the best in contemporary art.
In collaboration with our printing partner, we meticulously crafted a range of products, offering professional papers and finishing while harnessing cutting-edge digital printing technology. We presented clients with four distinct finishing options, ready for effortless wall installation. For custom art collections, additional finishes were available, catering to diverse preferences.

The online marketplace became a dynamic hub where clients could effortlessly acquire single artworks or themed sets, constantly refreshed with new releases. Artists found their creative haven, uploading fresh pieces and monitoring ongoing sales through their dedicated platform.

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Our journey extended offline as well, with curated exhibitions and exclusive collaborations with selected artists. We even established a physical presence within the historic heart of Genoa, opening a corner shop inside the Photo Factory shop.

Arthewall exibition at Photo Factory in Genoa
Francesco Vullo special edition on Arthewall

My role in Arthewall epitomized my ability to navigate the realms of strategy, creative direction, and technical proficiency. It was a transformative journey that encapsulated my passion for art, illustration, and photography while leaving an indelible mark on the world of interior design and art curation.