Daifuku, fugu specialty company

Type of work: Digital
Type of project: Food

Daifuku is a Japanese company founded in 1986, specializing in processing and sales of seafood, in particular blowfish. Based in Shimonoseki, Japan’s “fugu” capital, they have a strong tradition in processing and preparing the poisonous fish thanks to certified chefs to prepare and serve the dishes that then they sell to the market.

“Delicious food makes people happy. People naturally smile eating our fugu. I like to pursue the happiness of our customers.” Ryuji Nakamura, CEO of Daifuku

Daifuku logo
Fugu plate

The challenge was twofold—understanding the nuances of the Japanese e-commerce landscape and seamlessly blending traditional Japanese aesthetics with a Western-style user experience. Working alongside Kazumitsu Yoshida, the Creative Director of the digital agency Neuromagic, the goal was to create an online platform that resonated with the Japanese market while maintaining a touch of Western influence.

Collaborating closely with Kazumitsu Yoshida, the focus was on understanding the target audience, the intricacies of the Japanese online shopping culture, and the unique selling points of Daifuku’s blowfish products. Research involved delving into the visual language of Japanese seafood markets and traditional culinary art.

Internal pages of the shop

Inspired by the delicate art of presenting fugu as thin slices arranged like a flower, the conceptualization phase aimed to capture this visual allure. The illustrative visual identity was crafted with organic motifs and hand-drawn details, symbolizing both the marine world and the expert craftsmanship integral to Daifuku’s offerings.

The result was an illustrative visual identity that celebrated the aesthetics of fugu preparation. The use of organic motifs and hand-drawn details not only paid homage to the marine world but also conveyed the human expertise behind Daifuku’s products. The e-commerce platform was designed with a seamless user experience, blending Japanese tradition with a Western touch to cater to the target market.

Homepage structure
UI handwrited

The collaboration between Daifuku, Kazumitsu Yoshida, and the tech team resulted in a visually captivating and culturally resonant e-commerce platform. The integration of Japanese aesthetics with a Western-style user experience successfully positioned Daifuku in the competitive Japanese market. The platform not only showcased the exquisite blowfish products but also reflected the commitment to culinary artistry and customer satisfaction.