Gabriella Chieffo, creative perfumery

Type of work: Identity, Digital, Packaging
Type of project: Beauty

Gabriella Chieffo is a Lecce-based fragrance house founded by Gabriella Chieffo specialized in creative perfumery. All products are made with a distinct focus on craftsmanship and quality. Each fragrance is fueled by an elaborate story that is enriched with Gabriella’s inspiration from materials, childhood memories, and poetry. Her storytelling is equally as hypnotic as their unusual scents. Variazioni di Ragù is my favorite.

Stimulate all the senses. With a smell. With a gesture, a word. I create olfactory shelters.” Gabriella Chieffo

Gabriella Chieffo image treatment

The challenge lay in translating Gabriella’s elaborate stories and olfactory inspirations into a visual language that captures the eclectic and restless spirit of each fragrance. This extended to crafting branding solutions, packaging, and promotional materials that resonated with the rebellious and unconventional soul of the brand.

Research delved into Gabriella’s narratives, seeking to unravel the essence of each fragrance and the visual references embedded in her stories. This phase aimed to capture the multi-sensorial experience of her scents and translate it into a cohesive brand identity.

Drawing on the primordial magic of regeneration through generation, I art directed the production of the fragrance Acquasala. The visual interpretation of the scent, inspired by Gabriella’s poetic creation process, manifested in a captivating packaging design. The collaboration extended to working with photographer Gabriela Slegrova, who captured the shot underwater. I played a crucial role in shaping the final image that embodied the essence of the scent.

Acquasala by Gabriella Chieffoart direction

The branding solutions reflected Gabriella Chieffo’s distinctive and ever-evolving scents, encapsulating the brand’s eclectic and restless spirit. From visual interpretations to packaging, each design choice aimed to resonate with the rebellious and unconventional character of the fragrance house. The result was a cohesive visual language that bridged the olfactory and visual elements of each scent.

My role included the management of collaborations with external professionals, such as photographers and suppliers for the production of perfume bottles, packaging, leaflets, and promotional materials. This involved overseeing the selection of materials, production processes, and ensuring alignment with the brand’s identity.

Particular emphasis was placed on the development of the brand’s e-commerce platform through Shopify. This involved navigating the integration of storytelling, visuals, and user experience to create an immersive online shopping journey that complemented the brand’s essence.

Shopify website for the company
Gabriella Chieffo media kit
Mouillettes Gabriella Chieffo
Promotional bag by Packaging Specialist
Brochure of the scents
Business card with soft touch finishes
Samples kit packaging
Poster brochure with the parfumscollection
Packaging boxes by Gabriella CHieffo

The collaborative efforts resulted in not just fragrances but sensory narratives that transcended traditional olfactory experiences. The success of Acquasala, both in visual representation and sales on the e-commerce platform, stood as a testament to the effective fusion of storytelling, design, and e-commerce strategy.