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Type of work: Digital
Type of project: Art & Culture

Glossom emerged as a dynamic online gallery, where visual creatives spanning diverse fields, from photography to illustration, came together to showcase their portfolios with unparalleled impact. In my role, I leveraged my deep-rooted passion in illustration, photography, together with my digital knowledge to enhance this vibrant platform.

Glossom is the marketplace to find art you will love, the place to take inspiration thanks to a wide and diversified community of artists.” Piero Rivizzigno, CEO of Glossom

Glossom logo and new colors proposal
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Glossom attracted over 20,000 users globally, a testament to its appeal as a virtual mosaic where visual artists could share their work. With its vibrant community and a list of over 100 expertly curated artists, Glossom was poised to take a significant step forward—evolving into a marketplace for artists to showcase and sell their work. My journey with Glossom commenced at a critical juncture, where the challenge was to design an intuitive and engaging iOS/Android app to meet the evolving needs of the users.

The transition to a marketplace required an innovative approach, one that resonated with our community of expertly curated artists. My role involved delving into user preferences and industry trends, understanding what would best serve our targeted users.

The launch of the iOS and Android App was a game-changer, aligning with the evolving needs of our user base. These apps introduced a range of features, enabling users to seamlessly explore and purchase content available on the Glossom shop.

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Glossom app internal pages
Glossom app artwork detail

In the initial phases, my approach to the project involved a comprehensive exploration of user experience (UX) through meticulous research. This encompassed understanding user needs, behaviors, and preferences, laying the groundwork for a seamless and intuitive design. The wireframing stage was crucial, as it allowed for the visualization and structural planning of key components before diving into detailed design.

Moving forward, I developed distinctive layouts that formed the basis for an interactive prototype on InVision. These layouts were crafted with the aim of providing users with a unique experience. The prototype included innovative features allowing users to capture their room in real-time, virtually placing their chosen artwork on the wall. Users could select finishes that matched their existing decor, enhancing the overall customization.

The user interface (UI) design played a pivotal role, characterized by a distinctive and modern font that echoed the brand’s essence. The intent was to create an interface that resonated with users, providing a memorable and enjoyable interaction.

Regrettably, the trajectory of the company shifted, leading to the inception of Arthewall. This evolution marked a strategic decision that redirected the company’s focus and objectives, transcending the boundaries of visual creativity.

Glossom UX UI icons

My journey with Glossom encapsulated my proficiency in illustration, photography, and mobile app development. It marked a phase of transformation, and while the platform evolved into something new, the skills and insights gained during this endeavor continue to influence my approach to creative and technical challenges.”

Artworks by Jennis Li Cheng Tien, Ali Cavanaugh, Alice Wellinger, Chad Wys.