Kivu, founded in science, derived from nature

Type of work: Identity, Packaging, Digital
Type of project: Beauty

Kivu is a skincare range of products to fit the needs of the skin at different ages. Designed by a dermatologist based in London, the product range is a flexible solution to fulfill the promise for young and mature skin and for those with sensitive and damaged skin. They are using the highly effective properties of Helix Aspersa secretion as the main active principle in combination with innovative peptides, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and witch hazel.

“I have always been a huge advocate of simple and effective skincare in treating the range of skin conditions I see in my clinics. Driven by this passion, I decided to develop Kivu a range of products providing visible and long-lasting results for different skin concerns.” Dr. Benedetta Brazzini, Founder

Kivu logotype

Kivu Skincare’s mission was clear: to deliver visible and enduring results for a range of skin concerns. Dr. Benedetta Brazzini, the founder and a passionate advocate of simple yet effective skincare, sought to revolutionize the industry. My journey with Kivu began with the task of developing a visual identity that would communicate the brand’s commitment to efficacy and natural ingredients.

Extensive research was at the heart of our approach. We delved into the science behind skincare, understanding the effective properties of Helix Aspersa secretion and its synergy with innovative peptides, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and witch hazel. This foundation of knowledge would inform our creative direction.

The visual identity for Kivu Skincare aimed to strike a balance between freshness and natural appeal, infused with a touch of scientific precision. This endeavor encompassed the creation of a cohesive system, including a logotype, pattern, color palette, and governing design principles. These elements would unify the brand’s distinct visual language across stationery, print materials, and digital platforms.

Kivu color palette and image treatment

Collaboration with skilled photographers like Annabel Elston was integral to capturing the essence of Kivu Skincare. Still-life photos enriched the brand’s visual narrative, aligning with its natural and effective ethos.

The label and airless bottle design served as a bridge between the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients and scientific innovation. Clear, ingredient-focused hues were chosen for each product, while dynamic lines echoed the essence of snail secretion, a key ingredient in Kivu products.

One of the key challenges was developing the packaging for Kivu Skincare’s range. The bottles were manufactured in China, and I oversaw the production process, from prototyping to final serigraphy testing. I collaborated with external experts and vendors to ensure the packaging met our high standards. Notably, we designed special boxes for the skincare bottles using premium Fedrigoni papers and embossed printing finishes. This attention to detail resulted in a unique packaging that reflected the brand’s core values.

Kivu product range
Kivu corporate material
Kivu box made with Fedrigoni Materica Clay
Kivu brand guide
Kivu technical brochure
Kivu product postcard

Our creative journey extended to the realm of social media, where we harnessed the power of visual storytelling to connect with a global audience. Collaborating with the team, we crafted engaging campaigns that showcased Kivu Skincare’s innovative approach and commitment to natural beauty. Through strategic content and visual storytelling, we fostered a community of skincare enthusiasts, elevating Kivu’s presence in the beauty industry.

Additionally, I took the initiative to expand Kivu’s reach by creating an e-commerce platform using the Shopify platform. This enabled Kivu to effectively showcase and sell its products online, providing a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience for customers worldwide.

Kivu online shop on Shopify
Kivu on mobile view

The Kivu Skincare project epitomized my ability to fuse research, branding, packaging design, and material selection into a holistic visual identity. It was a journey that celebrated the synergy of nature and science, delivering a brand that spoke to the efficacy and allure of skincare innovation, both online and offline.