Movieday, the first cinema marketplace

Type of work: Strategy, Identity, Digital
Type of project: Art & Culture

Movieday is revolutionizing the film distribution landscape, aiming to become the premier platform for movie distribution, fostering a vibrant cinematic experience for distributors, theaters, and moviegoers. The vision is to establish a fully digital supply chain, leveraging technology to reshape the film industry’s dynamics and create a circular value chain that caters to the unique needs of each stakeholder.

Finally the product that distribution needed.” Mauro Bettini, General manager Italy – Koch Media

The challenge was to craft a digital ecosystem that seamlessly connects distributors, operators, and customers, providing tailored products and services to each. As a lead designer, I played a pivotal role in streamlining the screening organization process, optimizing it for both event organizers and cinema owners.

In collaboration with the team, we developed an innovative platform that simplifies the organization of movie screenings. Building upon this success, in 2021, we introduced a groundbreaking system—Movie-based Direct-ticketing. This empowered distributors to promote and sell tickets directly to the audience, gaining valuable data for targeted marketing. Independent producers found a new route to the market, unlocking opportunities that were previously inaccessible.

Persona Movieday

Cinema owners now have a virtual marketplace where they can directly interact with producers and distributors, selling cinema slots effortlessly. This streamlined approach enables cinemas to diversify their content, maximize occupancy, and enhance overall sustainability. For distributors, it offers direct access to theaters, automating distribution plans based on their unique requirements.

Audiences now enjoy an unparalleled ticket-buying experience, saving costs and gaining access to a more personalized and diverse movie selection. The new ticketing system not only boosts engagement among traditional audiences but also attracts new moviegoers, contributing to positive social impact by expanding the cinema-going community.

Additionally, I played a key role in developing essential corporate documents and propositions tailored for investor meetings and events. These materials, carefully crafted to align with our strategic objectives, proved instrumental in garnering support and recognition in the competitive startup landscape. My contribution extended beyond design aesthetics, encompassing strategic communication that fortified our position in the industry.

This collaborative effort has propelled Movieday to the forefront of digital film distribution, marking a significant shift in the industry’s landscape. As the lead designer, my role in conceptualizing and implementing these transformative solutions underscores our commitment to enhancing the cinematic journey for all stakeholders.