Movieday, distribution made easy

Type of work: Strategy, Identity, Digital
Type of project: Art & Culture

Movieday is the catalyst for individuals and organizations seeking to host captivating movie screenings in diverse theaters across Italy.

Changing the distribution model for movies is a big challenge for a startup. Movieday is the online platform for the digital transformation of the movies industry.” Antonello Centomani, CEO Movieday

Movieday logo corporate

With the clear vision of Antonello in mind, the journey began with a comprehensive research and discovery phase, to reimagine the platform, streamlining the process of organizing screenings. This phase included user research to deeply understand user needs, competitive analysis to identify opportunities, crafting an intuitive information architecture, and translating insights into wireframes and prototypes. These UX-driven steps ensured that the redesigned Movieday platform met and exceeded user expectations.

Movieday homepage

The digital platform underwent a transformation, ensuring clarity and ease of use for both event organizers and cinema owners. With over 330 cinemas now leveraging the system, we’ve facilitated the release of over 100 movies through the platform, resulting in more than 1800 screenings organized by producers and distributors themselves.

The design approach extended beyond the digital realm. We revamped the brand identity, simplifying the color palette to harmonize with the evocative imagery of the movies. Additionally, we modernized the typographic language, striking a balance between the classic and the contemporary—universally appealing yet distinctly original.

Movieday internal pages
Movieday website manager for cinema
Movieday newsletter and image treatment

Our creative journey also ventured into the realm of campaigns, movie posters, business presentations, pitch decks, and print materials working together with the editorial team and the external directors, associations, and theaters. Our mission was to infuse new energy into Movieday’s brand, ensuring that their message resonated effectively with their diverse audience.

Movieday flyer for distributor
Movieday poster design for a film festival
Movieday business presentation pitch and documents
Persona Movieday

The Movieday project epitomizes the commitment to design as a driver of transformation. By simplifying processes, amplifying brand identity, and injecting vitality into communication, We’ve played a pivotal role in empowering cinema screenings across Italy. It’s a testament to the power of design to bridge the gap between vision and reality.

Image cover from the “Weegee: at the Movies” series, a rarely-seen infrared picture by the renowned crime scene photographer, Weegee. Other images: Lumiere Brothers, lady eating popcorn by saskia fairfull on Unsplash