Lina & Totonno, home fragrances

Type of work: Product, Identity, Packaging
Type of project: Beauty

Gabriella Chieffo a distinguished fragrance house based in Lecce (Italy), joined forces with the renowned national artist, Bruno Maggio, for a unique venture into creative perfumery. This collaboration birthed a special edition of an innovative room fragrance, where art and fragrance converged in a distinctive terracotta bed designed for a novel olfactory experience.

They had always resolved everything like this, even the most serious problems: lying side by side breathing in unison with the certainty of tomorrow, the warmth of the present. And to think that according to her relatives, Lina had a bad temper…” from the story of Lina&Totonno

Lina & Totonno drawing

The challenge lay in seamlessly marrying the artistic vision of Bruno Maggio with the olfactory expertise of Gabriella Chieffo. The goal was to create not just a fragrance but an immersive experience, intertwining craftsmanship, quality, and a captivating narrative.

In the initial phases, extensive research delved into the brand’s essence, the artistic style of Bruno Maggio, and the technicalities of infusing fragrance into terracotta. The process was guided by a commitment to craftsmanship and the brand’s narrative, drawing inspiration from materials, childhood memories, and poetry.

Lina & Totonnno sculptures fragrances

As the art director for the project, I collaborated closely with Bruno Maggio and drew inspiration from Gabriella’s conceptualization. Together, we envisioned two distinct objects of pure design—Lina and Totonno. These objects, a hot-water bottle and a book, respectively, were crafted entirely by hand in terracotta. The choice of this absorbent and porous material aimed to innovate the traditional room fragrance experience without relying on conventional diffusers.

Lina and Totonno emerged as unique pieces, each telling a story of craftsmanship and innovation. The terracotta material, known for its absorbent properties, allowed the objects to emanate fragrance without the need for typical diffusers. The hot-water bottle and the book, when immersed in the precious liquid, magically diffused the fragrance, creating a sensorial journey that went beyond traditional fragrance methods.

making off of the sculpture with Bruno Maggio
Section of the product
Lina & Totonno room fragrance label

My role extended to managing collaborations with artisans and professionals involved in the production of these unique fragrance objects. This included overseeing the selection of materials, production processes, and ensuring the final products aligned with the envisioned fusion of art and fragrance.

In addition to the product itself, I spearheaded the creation of promotional materials and designed immersive scenographies for industry fairs. The aim was to showcase not just a fragrance but an entire sensory experience, translating the essence of Lina and Totonno into visual narratives for event stands.

Lina & Totonno packaging
Detail of the paper treatment of the box
Labels on the roll packaging
Lina & Totonno booklet
Lina & Totonno instructions

The Gabriella Chieffo x Bruno Maggio collaboration resulted in more than a fragrance—it became a testament to the synergy between art and olfaction. The handmade terracotta objects, Lina and Totonno, transcended traditional fragrance presentation, offering a truly magical and immersive encounter for those who experienced them.