MoodO’Clock, the emotional alarm

Type of work: Strategy, Identity, Digital
Type of project: Music

MoodO’Clock is the emotional alarm that sets your morning mood. The app helped influence the entire turn out of the day with the right music, powered by Stereomood.

“This is great. I always wake up to this alarm. I am a heavy sleeper, this one is awesome for helping me get up. Five stars A++” Customer review on the Apple store

Mood O'clock app logo and identity
Mood O'clock app lcon and image treatment

MoodO’Clock lets you choose the morning mood you want to be woken up to in a few easy steps and delivers an ideal soundtrack to the early moments of light. Each mood not only comes with matching tunes, but also with an evocative image as background. Your mood will also be sharable and appear on Facebook, so your friends know how to deal with you!

Every new sunrise could be the beginning of something special.

Mood O'clock app screenshot, setting the alarm
Mood O'clock app screenshot, download the offline songs
Mood O'clock sharing your mood on social media
Mood O'clock iPhone app
Mood O'clock Android app
Video by Luca Murgia