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With a passion for aesthetics and authenticity, I help pioneering brands elevate their offerings into extraordinary, captivating experiences through purposeful design.

Driven by curiosity, I believe in the importance of broad knowledge. Understanding diverse subjects beyond design is essential for comprehending user and market needs, enabling the creation of the most effective designs. Thriving on tackling multiple challenges simultaneously, my roles in various organizations focus on building design practices and elevating design.

Entrepreneurial journey

Fueled by curiosity and creativity, my journey began with a bachelor’s degree in industrial design at IED in Milan. My thesis in collaboration with Lego earned distinction on the ADI Design Index 2004 as a Young Talent. Collaborating with titans like Disney and MTV in Milan further honed my skills before co-founding Stereomood in 2008, reshaping the music industry's landscape over six transformative years.

Over the past decade, I've established myself as an independent designer, partnering with brands that value design’s impact. My multidisciplinary approach combines analytical rigor with cross-disciplinary inspiration from branding, strategy, digital design, and conceptual development.

Side life

Beyond my professional endeavors, I actively share my expertise and passion for design by nurturing communities through mentorship, speaking engagements with entities like ADPlist, networks of freelancers, and events including Campus Party, TEDxAUEB, MAAC, Digital Economy Forum, Nonick Conference, and Creativity Festivals.

My work with Stereomood garnered the RCS Mediagroup award for digital innovation and a Webby Award honoree distinction. I'm committed to enhancing design's impact in Amsterdam's vibrant freelance, women's entrepreneurship, and startup scenes.

Helping Brands Shine

Begin your journey to design excellence.

Everyday inspirations

In daily life, I thrive in dynamic environments that embrace shifting perceptions. Inspired by playful simplicity (one of my favourite designer is Enzo Mari), I believe successful designs are clear, usable, and conceptually strong.

Beyond work, I enjoy culinary alchemy, fermenting artisanal delicacies with my partner @boogiecultures. Tending to my home jungle in Amsterdam, where my love for plants flourishes, music remains my soul's invigorating elixir - follow me on Spotify

Design with excellence
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Dedicated to crafting design solutions that tackle real-world problems, I work with passion and purpose. Whether I'm working on specific projects with immediate impact or envisioning transformative ideas to shape the future, I'm here to help.

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