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Design Solutions

Empowering your brand to shine bright.

Let’s craft a brand that captivates and resonates with your audience. Collaborate with me to transform design processes, reshape identities, and reimagine strategies. Together, we’ll build excellence from concept to execution.

Design leadership
Your ambition needs a lasting brand strategy. Limited resources can constrain visions, but merging strategic leadership with design expertise can change that.

Partner with me to combine creativity and business insight, ensuring your brand's voice stands out with powerful narratives and impactful design.


I map out product visions, ensuring adaptability even in challenging times.


I craft captivating brand identities that resonate authentically in the market.


I design innovative product experiences through strategic design.


I deliver precise digital products with seamless planning and execution.
Helping Brands Shine

Begin your journey to design excellence.

George Zoggolopoulos, Syntagma Square metro station, Athens

Does your brand align with your audience's values and aspirations?

As an entrepreneur, I understand the challenges of realizing a transformative vision. It takes more than a bold idea to stand out and craft unique brand narratives and identities. Pioneering new paths demands strategic navigation to transcend your market and forge enduring connections.

That’s where I come in. With expertise in strategic design thinking, impeccable digital execution, and crafting unforgettable product experiences, I unlock the potential of pioneering brands. By addressing every aspect of the customer journey, I foster customer satisfaction and loyalty.

My experience

With over 15 years of multidisciplinary experience, I’ve led key initiatives for tech startups and corporations like MTV and The Walt Disney Company. As a fractional design leader, I’ve guided over 50 entrepreneurs, turning their visions into groundbreaking realities. Here are some recent projects that showcase my passion for making a profound impact.


A new vision to transform the food delivery landscape


Aligning the digital experience with a museum’s objectives


Transforming film distribution with a digital supply chain

Design with excellence
Discover strategic guidance and hands-on design expertise. Book a complimentary 30-minute strategy session to explore how we can elevate your brand's potential.

During this session, we will:

  • Identify your current challenges
  • Explore growth opportunities within your market
  • Develop actionable actionable, innovative strategies aligned with your vision
  • Determine the best collaboration approach to achieve your goals

Ready to elevate your brand?

Understanding my services

I offer fractional design services on a part-time or project-based basis. Services include:

  • Concept development
  • Content creation
  • Branding research, messaging, and identity development
  • Marketing and digital design
  • Print media
  • Branding consistency
  • Social media strategy
  • UX/UI design for custom apps and platforms
  • you need help defining product strategies
  • you’re seeking guidance on branding efforts
  • you want to refresh or revamp your brand identity
  • your team lacks in-house designers and needs experienced consultationt
  • your team faces a challenging project beyond their current experience level
  • when starting a new project or requiring additional support for a launch
  • your projects encounter unpredictable design issues due to process gaps
  • you want to create an optimal environment for your designers
A meticulously strategic design partner hyper-focused on elevating your business. Expect clear communication, proactive solutions, and an unwavering commitment to delivering impactful brand experiences that propel growth. With exceptional project management skills, deadlines are met, errors predicted, and attention to detail paramount in every endeavor.
Let's talk about
your brand

Dedicated to crafting design solutions that tackle real-world problems, I work with passion and purpose. Whether I'm working on specific projects with immediate impact or envisioning transformative ideas to shape the future, I'm here to help.

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