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Ons Limburgs Museum

Comprehensive redesign of a museum’s digital platform

In collaboration with the Bravoure agency in Amsterdam, I spearheaded a comprehensive redesign of the digital platform for a prominent museum, aligning it with the museum’s strategic objectives and enhancing user engagement. Our goal was to create an immersive digital experience where users could explore and contribute to the narrative of Limburg.

Strategic leadership in digital design

As a seasoned fractional design leader, I contributed to strategic planning, ensuring that the digital assets were visually compelling and measurable against the museum’s defined objectives. The challenge was to design a platform that seamlessly integrated with the museum’s cultural narrative while providing an interactive and informative user experience.

Translating objectives into tangible design elements

Working with Bravoure was instrumental in translating strategic objectives into tangible design elements. Together, we revitalized the platform’s layouts, achieving a perfect blend of cultural exploration and user engagement. Our new design system preserved the museum’s narrative integrity and had a measurable impact on user interactions, turning the digital space into a dynamic repository of Limburg’s stories.

Through strategic design leadership and a commitment to maintaining cultural integrity, we successfully delivered a digital platform that elevated the user experience, aligned with the museum’s mission, and ensured lasting engagement and impact. This project exemplifies my expertise in digital design, strategic leadership, and my ability to drive ambitious growth objectives through innovative design solutions.

A transformative redesign of aimed to enhance the museum’s online presence, creating an engaging and interactive space where users could explore and contribute to Limburg’s cultural narrative.

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