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Movieday, cinema on demand

A user-centric design journey enhancing the experience

Movieday aimed to revolutionize the film distribution landscape by creating a platform that streamlined the process of organizing captivating screenings across diverse theaters in Italy. Using a user-centric design approach, Movieday made it possible to bring independent movies to a broader audience. As a fractional design lead, I collaborated closely with Movieday to enhance their platform and user experience, bringing Cinema on Demand to life!

With the platform, users could choose from a vast selection of films, including cult classics, independent films, and new releases, and screen them at their local cinemas. Movieday transformed cinemas or other listed venues into personal screening rooms, allowing organizers to host on-demand showings. This feature empowered cinema enthusiasts, event organizers, filmmakers, and producers to host film screenings in various locations such as homes, pools, or offices, adhering to current safety and social distancing guidelines during the pandemic.

On Movieday’s website, a few clicks allowed users to select a film, enter the venue’s name and address, and invite people to reserve their seats. Movieday handled everything from tickets to locations and licenses ensuring a seamless experience for all.

Enhancing the user experience through UX design

Our user-centric design approach began with comprehensive UX research and discovery. We delved into user needs, conducted competitive analyses, and crafted an intuitive information architecture that prioritized user interactions. This meticulous process led to the creation of wireframes and prototypes that not only met but exceeded user expectations, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience.

The digital platform underwent significant UI design optimization to enhance clarity and ease of use for event organizers and cinema owners. With over 330 cinemas leveraging the system, our UI design efforts focused on intuitive interface enhancements and streamlined user interactions. This included optimizing workflows and ensuring seamless integration into existing distributor websites.

Revitalizing communication and brand engagement

Our creative journey extended into campaigns, posters, presentations, and print materials in collaboration with editorial teams, external directors, associations, and theaters. We infused new energy into Movieday’s brand by crafting compelling campaigns and visuals that effectively resonated with their diverse audience. This revitalization ensured consistent brand communication and enhanced engagement across various platforms.

The Movieday project showcases design as a transformative force. We simplified processes, enhanced brand identity, and invigorated communication, empowering cinema screenings across Italy. It demonstrates design’s ability to bridge vision with reality.

Image cover from the “Weegee: at the Movies” series, a rarely-seen infrared picture by the renowned crime scene photographer, Weegee. Other images: Lumiere Brothers, lady eating popcorn by saskia fairfull on Unsplash

Creating the platform to streamline the process of organizing captivating movie screenings across diverse theaters in Italy using a user-centric design approach.

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