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Eatch, everyday fresh homestyle meals

Eatch is actively reshaping the food system to make healthy eating accessible to all, and as a fractional design leader, I played a pivotal role in shaping its innovative products.

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Redefining food accessibility

Eatch envisions a world where nutritious meals are as accessible as fast food, reshaping the food system to make healthy eating effortless. As a fractional design leader, I was integral in bringing this vision to life, focusing on transforming food into a joyful part of daily life and democratizing access to nutritious meals worldwide.

Foundations of transformation

Our journey began with deep industry immersion, studying consumer behaviors and emerging trends. This groundwork informed a design strategy aligned with Eatch’s mission to revolutionize food consumption habits.

Crafting a bold brand strategy

Leading the design team and collaborating with external suppliers like Add Pepper, I orchestrated the creation of Eatch’s brand strategy and identity. Extensive research and strategic positioning were pivotal in establishing a resonant brand identity tailored to the target audience.

Visual storytelling and brand expression

Collaborating with Dutch food photographer and stylist, Add Pepper, I ensured compelling visual storytelling through photography of Eatch’s weekly menu. Additionally, I played a crucial role in developing all online and offline graphic assets. The visual system, including promotional materials and packaging designs, reflected Eatch’s contemporary and bold brand ethos.

The result was a flexible and cohesive identity that celebrated the simplicity of choosing Eatch for fresh and healthy meals every day, expressing its five core brand adjectives: simple, fresh, playful, smart (but not arrogant), and youthful (yet wise). This involved engaging with suppliers, generating materials for packaging, and developing promotional materials for events and exhibitions.

Eatch Onboarding

User-centric digital innovation

Embracing a user-centric approach, I spearheaded the design of an intuitive React app for meal delivery. This involved meticulously crafting wireframes, prototypes, and a comprehensive design system from the ground up. Beyond the app, I strategized the launch phase, creating a compelling landing page to gather user interest pre-launch. Post-launch, I designed the official website, strategically guiding users to download the newly developed delivery app.

Eatch Mobile App

In response to a strategic pivot from B2C to B2B, I later led the redesign of products and branding, aligning with the new business model. This transformation involved reshaping assets to effectively serve the B2B market while maintaining Eatch’s core values and identity. See the project here.

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