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Balancing Bunkr’s audience

Bunkr, a platform designed to share and monetize exclusive content within fan communities, approached the collaborative expertise of my team at Bravoure agency in Amsterdam. The project entailed a comprehensive refresh of Bunkr’s visual identity and a strategic overhaul of its digital product.

Problem statement

The primary challenge revolved around revitalizing Bunkr’s visual identity while optimizing their digital product for a dual audience — creators seeking to monetize their content and fans expecting engaging and tailored experiences. The goal was to strike the right balance between these two distinct user groups.

Understanding fan communities

Collaborating closely with the Bravoure team, we delved into understanding the dynamics of fan communities and the unique needs of both creators and fans. Research informed the subsequent design strategy, focusing on creating an inclusive and seamless user experience for both segments.

Harmonizing user perspectives

The conceptualization phase involved not only reimagining Bunkr’s visual identity but also formulating a design strategy that resonated with the objectives of creators and the expectations of fans. The challenge layed in harmonizing these diverse perspectives into a cohesive and user-centric design system.

Design solution

As a designer, my role extended to coordinating efforts between the design and interactive teams. We meticulously crafted a design system in Figma that not only reflected the refreshed visual identity but also addressed the nuanced needs of creators and fans. The platform’s components were designed to strike a delicate balance, ensuring a unified and engaging experience for both user groups.

The collaboration with Bravoure, was instrumental in translating the design vision into a technically sound and visually compelling reality. Together, we navigated the complexities of audience dynamics, ensuring that the design system seamlessly translated across the end-to-end customer journey.

The outcome was a revitalized Bunkr platform that successfully bridged the gap between creators and fans. The design system, developed in Figma, not only upheld the integrity of the visual identity but also facilitated a smooth and intuitive experience for users. The collaborative effort with Bravoure amplified the impact of design, turning Bunkr into a dynamic space for content creation, monetization, and fan engagement.”

Partnering with Bravoure, I engaged in a fast-paced initiative for Bunkr—a platform focused on sharing and monetizing exclusive content within fan communities.

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