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Movieday, distribution made easy

Revolutionizing the cinema experience with technology

In my ongoing collaboration with Movieday, a leader in revolutionizing the film distribution landscape, I have played a pivotal role as part of a fractional design team. Movieday aims to create a premier platform for movie distribution, enhancing the cinematic experience for distributors, theaters, and movie enthusiasts. Leveraging technology, Movieday establishes a fully digital supply chain, reshaping the film industry’s dynamics and creating a circular value chain that caters to the unique needs of each stakeholder. Our mission is clear: to establish Movieday as the premier platform for movie distribution, enriching the cinematic experience for all involved.

Innovative digital ecosystem: UX insights and approach

Movieday’s vision was centered on creating a fully digital supply chain that leverages technology to reshape the dynamics of the film industry, fostering a circular value chain tailored to the unique needs of each stakeholder.

As lead designer, I focused on crafting a digital ecosystem that seamlessly connects distributors, operators, and customers, offering tailored products and services. Through extensive user research, we refined prototypes, developed personas, and mapped detailed user journeys to optimize the platform for event organizers and cinema owners alike.

Introducing movie-based direct ticketing

We introduced Movie-based Direct-ticketing, a groundbreaking system that empowers distributors to sell tickets directly to audiences. This innovation was made possible through an add-on designed to integrate seamlessly onto existing distributor websites. It stemmed from deep user insights and prototypes tested to enhance the experience and accessibility for both traditional and new moviegoers.

Empowering cinemas and audiences with a design system

For cinemas, our platform offers a virtual marketplace where they can interact directly with producers and distributors, effortlessly selling cinema slots and diversifying content. We implemented a robust design system, incorporating cohesive colors, intuitive navigation, and usability enhancements based on user feedback and industry standards.

Audiences enjoy a streamlined ticket-buying experience, accessing a personalized and diverse selection of movies while contributing to the expansion of the cinema-going community. The UI design prioritizes usability and accessibility, ensuring a seamless interaction flow and engaging visual aesthetics.

Strategic communication and industry recognition

Additionally, I led the development of essential corporate documents and propositions for investor meetings, strategically aligned with Movieday’s objectives. These efforts bolstered our position in the competitive startup landscape, garnering support and recognition.

Our collaborative endeavors have propelled Movieday to the forefront of digital film distribution, catalyzing significant industry transformation. As the lead designer, my role in conceptualizing and implementing these innovative solutions underscores our commitment to enriching the cinematic journey for all stakeholders.

With the goal to revolutionize film distribution, at Movieday we enhance the cinematic experience for distributors, theaters, and movie enthusiasts through optimized processes and innovative ticketing solutions.

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