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BIFF Barrio’s Impact Film Festival

Creating the brand narrative for a film festival

Met through Movieday, where Barrio was featured as a venue on the company platform, BIFF is held within a historic Milanese youth center, embodying inclusivity and purpose. Tasked with crafting BIFF’s identity and program, I collaborated on a project basis. My goal? To capture its dynamic essence while championing inclusivity and integration.

Inspired by the futuristic architecture of Pier Luigi Saccheri, the brand took on a modern edge, adding depth to its narrative. The architectural gem, once abandoned but featured in movies and rap lyrics, became an unexpected backdrop for the festival. My approach was grounded, exploring visual concepts that embodied inclusivity and youthful energy. The goal was a poster that goes beyond aesthetics, symbolizing inclusiveness through a beam of light interwoven with pathways. These pathways visually represented the diverse narratives of showcased movies, creating a cohesive blend of shapes and intersections.

Reimagining the color palette and visual identity

Inspired by the dynamism of the festival’s themes, I reimagined the brand’s color palette, infusing it with vibrant hues of yellow and purple. This bold choice served as a visual anthem, radiating energy and echoing the festival’s overarching message. The centerpiece of my design became the iconic beam of light, intertwined with bold typography, rendering it instantly recognizable across various media. This element not only became the visual cornerstone of the festival but also embodied the essence of unity amidst diversity, mirroring the festival’s mission.

Technical implementation and creative deliverables

The collaboration with BIFF Festival resulted in a diverse array of creative deliverables, each serving a specific purpose within the event’s ecosystem. From a technical standpoint, we developed a dynamic WordPress website that functioned as the festival’s digital epicenter. This platform not only showcased the festival’s schedule and feature films but also ensured a seamless user experience for attendees engaging with the festival online. In the physical realm, we designed striking program posters and promotional materials that adorned Milan, effectively inviting cinephiles to partake in the cinematic journey.

Engagement through digital and live visuals

In the digital arena, we harnessed the power of social media with engaging visuals, teaser trailers, and timely updates, effectively building anticipation and excitement among online communities. During the festival’s live events, our creative designs came to life as immersive visuals, transforming the festival venue into a living canvas. These visuals added depth to the cinematic experience, complementing the narratives on the big screen. Additionally, we crafted newsletters that not only informed but also enthralled festival-goers. By seamlessly integrating digital design elements, we transformed each newsletter into a digital invitation, beckoning readers to immerse themselves in the cinematic spectacle.

The BIFF Festival project, a quick help initiative, showcases my commitment to infusing design with purpose, channeling creativity to ignite conversations, and fostering a sense of belonging and unity through the medium of cinema.

The BIFF Festival is a dynamic collaboration between Movieday and Teatro Edi Barrio’s. Over 8 weeks, this cultural celebration showcases 16 captivating movies and 8 immersive events, blending cult cinema with impactful documentaries.

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