Laboratorio Cingoli, kitchen school

Type of work: Strategy, Digital
Type of project: Food

laboratorioCingoli, a culinary haven in Milan, sets out to transform enthusiasts into passionate cooks. The kitchen school, guided by Giuliano Cingoli, employs the “separation of cooking” method, a philosophy explored in detail in Giuliano’s dedicated book. The establishment not only conducts cooking classes but also offers a range of products, including the insightful book and uniquely designed knives.

“Often the most important component of a recipe is the one that is cooked worse. Using the art of cooking separately you will learn how to cook the most important ingredient, enhancing what accompanies it. ” Giuliano Cingoli, from the book Elemental cooking: the art of cooking separately

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Develop a comprehensive brand strategy that would not only boost attendance at the cooking school but also enhance the sales of Giuliano’s book and knives was the main challenge. The multifaceted nature of laboratorioCingoli required a cohesive approach across the website, social networks, offline channels, and events.

Understanding the essence of Giuliano Cingoli’s philosophy, the “separation of cooking” method, and the unique offerings of laboratorioCingoli became the cornerstone of the research phase. Exploring the intersection of culinary passion, education, and product sales guided the subsequent design strategy.

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The brand strategy aimed to harmonize the diverse activities of laboratorioCingoli, creating a unified narrative that would resonate with both culinary enthusiasts and those seeking quality kitchen products. The conceptualization phase delved into how visual design, branding elements, and UX/UI principles could seamlessly integrate across various platforms.

The visual design adopted an inviting and warm aesthetic, inviting individuals into the world of laboratorioCingoli. The branding elements were crafted to convey the essence of Giuliano’s cooking philosophy, creating a visual language that extended across the website, social media, offline materials, and events. The collaboration with Giuliano Cingoli, with his deep knowledge of both culinary traditions and photography, played a pivotal role in capturing the spirit of laboratorioCingoli.

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The implemented brand strategy successfully elevated laboratorioCingoli’s presence across different facets — from cooking classes to book sales and knife designs. The cohesive design elements, infused with Giuliano Cingoli’s expertise, created a harmonious brand identity that resonated with both aspiring cooks and those seeking culinary insights. The collaborative approach bridged the gap between tradition and innovation, enriching the culinary journey for enthusiasts.