Allelica, personal genomic health

Type of work: Identity, DigitalType of project: Health Allelica, a Rome-based startup, pioneers the development of algorithms and DNA tests to unveil predispositions to diseases. With the convergence of genomics and polygenic risk scores, Allelica introduces a groundbreaking approach that intersects with personalized nutrition. “Genomics and polygenic risk score meet personal nutrition for the first

Arthewall, curated art collection for your walls

Type of work: Strategy, Identity, DigitalType of project: Arte & Culture Arthewall was a marketplace that provided art advice to interior designers, architects, and whoever needed to decorate a wall with art. It was a place of research and promotion of international emerging artists brimming with talent and creativity. It was the evolution of Glossom,

Lina & Totonno, home fragrances

Type of work: Product, Identity, PackagingType of project: Beauty Gabriella Chieffo a distinguished fragrance house based in Lecce (Italy), joined forces with the renowned national artist, Bruno Maggio, for a unique venture into creative perfumery. This collaboration birthed a special edition of an innovative room fragrance, where art and fragrance converged in a distinctive terracotta

Gabriella Chieffo, creative perfumery

Type of work: Identity, Digital, PackagingType of project: Beauty Gabriella Chieffo is a Lecce-based fragrance house founded by Gabriella Chieffo specialized in creative perfumery. All products are made with a distinct focus on craftsmanship and quality. Each fragrance is fueled by an elaborate story that is enriched with Gabriella’s inspiration from materials, childhood memories, and