Rouze, take your pleasure seriously

Type of work: Digital
Type of project: Media

Rouze is a female-founded startup based in Amsterdam where to find sexy audio stories to help you get in the mood.

We know about the rise in popularity of podcasts, but audio erotica is having its moment too. Eva de Visser, founder of Rouze is trying to connect (and keep) women all over the world in touch with their sexuality through fantasy.

“I believe in the power of our own imagination. No explicit images and no nudes. ” Eva de Visser, founder

Rouze approached with a compelling challenge: to reimagine their digital platform and optimize it for mobile users. Redefine the user experience and interface of the app to meet user expectations and address usability gaps identified in the previous design.

There was a need to optimize navigation, enhance the accessibility of key features, and strengthen the overall visual identity. My task was to provide a tailor-made solution that would elevate the Rouze Audio app to new standards of design and functionality.

The main objective was clear: enhance the user experience and, in turn, drive higher conversion rates.

Our journey began with an intensive design sprint, an immersive deep dive into Rouze’s world. We identified key stakeholders, clarified project goals, and delved into understanding the target audience’s needs and preferences. The sprint yielded valuable insights that laid the foundation for our design strategy.

Together with Rouze, we defined the strategic objectives, user journeys, and MVP functionalities, ensuring that every element resonated with the brand’s core essence. This led to the definition of wireframes for all the app’s pages.

Inspired by Rouze’s captivating audio narratives and the exquisite brand identity crafted by Dog & Pony agency, I embarked on the creative journey of conceptualizing the layout. For every screen, I created a corresponding layout, and ultimately, I defined the design system to establish the rules for the UX/UI of the app.

One of the most exciting challenges was seamlessly integrating the visually captivating, “sexy” shapes and gradients from Rouze’s branding into the digital platform. Balancing these artistic elements with the legibility of the website was an intricate dance, which we mastered by employing a diverse range of gradients to immerse listeners into unique worlds.

The resulting design system is a harmonious blend of elegance and provocation, maintaining brand consistency without overwhelming the user. It serves as an enchanting vessel that guides users through a journey of passion, tantalizing the senses with each interaction.

Collaborating with Rouze was a remarkable experience, bringing together dynamic teams committed to rewriting the rules of sensuous storytelling. The culmination of our efforts is a new digital experience, infused with a high dose of design to awaken desire and captivate the senses.

The Rouze Audio App Redesign project exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design, harnessing creativity to drive meaningful user experiences, and amplifying the allure of sensual narratives in the digital age.