Bunkr, the creator community

Type of work: Identity, DigitalType of project: Media Bunkr, a platform designed for the sharing and monetization of exclusive content within fan communities, approached Bravoure, an Amsterdam-based digital agency. I contributed as a freelance UX/UI designer to the comprehensive refresh of Bunkr’s visual identity and the strategic overhaul of their digital product. The primary challenge

Rouze, take your pleasure seriously

Type of work: DigitalType of project: Media Rouze is a female-founded startup based in Amsterdam where to find sexy audio stories to help you get in the mood. We know about the rise in popularity of podcasts, but audio erotica is having its moment too. Eva de Visser, founder of Rouze is trying to connect

Palazzina Liberty, classic and chamber music

Type of work: DigitalType of project: Music Palazzina Liberty in Musica, a musical odyssey curated by the Entertainment Area of the Municipality of Milan, echoes the city’s commitment to cultural enrichment despite the uncertainties of our times. This collaborative initiative with cultural operators unfolds as a melodic tapestry, breathing life into the historical Palazzina Liberty.

Moodfix, the music treat

Type of work: Strategy, Identity, DigitalType of project: Music MoodFix is a product launched by Stereomood (the streaming music service that offers curated playlists of independent music based on a user’ mood), that harnesses the innate power of music as medicine. Users may purchase a bundle of two playlists that act as an antidote to

MoodO’Clock, the emotional alarm

Type of work: Strategy, Identity, DigitalType of project: Music MoodO’Clock is the emotional alarm that sets your morning mood. The app helped influence the entire turn out of the day with the right music, powered by Stereomood. “This is great. I always wake up to this alarm. I am a heavy sleeper, this one is

Stereomood, the emotional internet radio

Type of work: Strategy, Identity, DigitalType of project: Music In 2009 I co-founded Stereomood, a streaming service that plays music according to your mood. In 2011 we were attracting over 1M unique users per month and we raised €700K from Italian investors with the chance to emerge from the world-crowded music scene. Stereomood had a